Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Scenes From Bad Movies: Ringmaster

If you don't recognize the title, this was that Jerry Springer movie that followed the guests back stage and into their personal lives. I guess it was intended as a farce of Springer and Springer-esque shows, but casting Springer as Springer made the purpose of the film hazy at best. The characters were all just sort of vaguely trashy, and their back stage antics just came off as a longer episode of one of these talk shows. Just add this movie to the pile of films that never lived up to their premise. The movie started out strong, though, with...

You guessed it, one good scene.

The film opens on a trailer park. Jaime Pressley's in bed with some guy. Then Mom comes home. Pressley and guy throw on clothes and act natural. Turns out guy is Step Dad, and ta-da, we have our Springer premise. What follows is possibly my favorite piece of dialogue ever.

Mom quickly figures out the whole situation. After a failed confrontation with the daughter and husband, Mom retreats to her room, emerging even more trashier. She's all made up, hair done, dressed as slutty as possible, topped off with a tight jean jacket. This results in the following interchange:

Jaime Pressley: I didn't say you could borrow my jean jacket.
Mom: I didn't say you could fuck my husband.

Then Mom goes off to revenge blow Jaime Pressley's boyfriend.

The whole rest of the movie just blows.

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