Friday, February 23, 2018

Fun with Ranking Presidents

Boise State has released their latest ranking of the Presidents. As I’ve said many times before, this is an absurd undertaking. It’s impossible to fairly compare Presidents who faced different challenges, different worlds, different expectations, different jobs. I do find them fascinating. It’s worth it to see how modern politics affects how experts view history. Before reading further, I suggest you click the link above and look at their methodology and breakdowns. Don’t comment on bias in this list. It’s addressed in the breakdown.

On the breakdown, they mention that they asked the experts about which presidents were the most polarizing. More fascinating than the answer to that question is the actual breakdown on ideological lines in the study itself. They broke down how the experts voted based on their political affiliation. The differences and similarities among Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals is worth a look. First, where all four groups agree:

Within the Top 10:
T Roosevelt
Firmly in the middle:
Within the Bottom 10:
A Johnson
WH Harrison

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Shitpost: Frasier

I'm sure I'll make more of these, so I'll just shove them all here.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Shitpost: Zelda

I’m probably going to make a bunch of these, so I’ll drop them here.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shitpost: Young, Scrappy, and Carrie

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Numbers Time: The Glorious Clusterfuck

This has been a season of two vastly different conferences. The NFC has three teams escaping the doldrums to become NFL powerhouses, and four dominant teams slipping, but only a little. In all but one scenario, it will take 10 wins to make it to the NFC playoffs. On the other side, you’ve got 2 dynasties, and a bunch of bumbling idiots. The AFC byes are locked in because the only thing close to a third competitor just lost to the 49ers. Best case scenario, the #6 seed won’t be held by an 8-8 team. But we’ll get there. First, the games that don’t matter, either because both teams are out, or the one team that’s in is locked into their playoff slot.


The vastly inferior AFC has made for an interesting run to the playoffs, with four teams fighting for two wild card spots. All four divisions have been won, with the Jaguars locked into #3 and Chiefs into #4.

The last time an 0-4 made the playoffs was the ‘92 Chargers. The complicated NFL tie-breaking procedures are standing in the way of the ‘17 Chargers repeating that feat. Right now, the Ravens sit at #5 with 9-6 and the Titans hold #6 in a three-way 8-7 tie breaker with the #7 Chargers and #8 Bills. So the Ravens and Titans are in with wins, or if all four teams lose.

This is where it get complicated.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Shitpost: Your Name is What?

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Unexplained List: Swirling Currents

15) Balem Abrasax
14) Beaver’s neighbor
13) Laura’s older brother
12) Pluto Nash
11) A Martian crater
10) A couple of paradise tickets
9) The Comedian
8) Raymond Chandler gangster
7) The One
6) Pool hustling Paul Newman
5) Co-owner, Valiant & Valiant
4) Heart of Gold’s shipboard computer
3) Venom
2) A dress killer
1) ACE award for best editing

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Explained List: Super Mario NOdyssey


The two big games for the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, are possibly two of the best games ever made, and they couldn’t be more different. BotW just lets you loose in the massive game with only the vaguest of guidance. Odyssey gives you a massive blank checklist and dares you to fill it in by exploring every nook and cranny looking for mini-games, secret levels, and some random weird crap, each one awarding you with a power moon. Mario; his versatile, sentient hat companion Cappy; and I have collected 863 moons so far. That means I have done over 800 things in this game, and I just want to play more.

Which is why I’m breaking from my regular format and actually explaining this list. According to the checklist, I have 15 moons left. I’ve attempted them all, and even though I want to make it very clear I love the shit out of this game, 10 of them are fucking god awful. Why do they have to sully this near-perfect game with their incessant existence? Screw 100%. They’re not worth my time. This screen shot is basically my endgame (I won’t spoil how to do this), so fuck it.

Top 10 Power Moons I Don’t Need in My Life

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Numbers Time: Mercy Rule

Almost a year to the day they were eliminated last year, the 0-11 Browns have finally, mercifully been eliminated from playoff contention. The 1-10 Niners and 2-9 Giants are also out, and with a dominant top half to the NFC, we can expect the Bears and probably Buccaneers to be out very soon. A lackluster AFC, though, prolongs the agony for the Broncos and Colts, whose net points are back below -100. But Jimmy G had a great game today, right?

UPDATE 12/3/17 - After handing the Niners their second win of the season, the 3-9 Bears are out.  But Jimmy G got his first win as San Francisco’s starter, so good for him. In the AFC, the 3-9 Colts and Broncos are still in contention. These are two VERY different conferences.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Numbers Time: Is the AFC West Still Playing?

This is your weekly reminder the 0-10 Cleveland Browns are still, technically, in playoff contention. A Bills win would have knocked them out, but the AFC is terrible this year. I mean, the previously on-fire Kansas City Chiefs just lost to the damn Giants a week after the Giants lost to the worst NFC team. And the Chargers are the only AFC West team to win this week. They beat the Bills, keeping the Browns playoff hopes alive, but like in that way Buffalo Bill makes you think putting on the lotion will stop him from murdering you and stealing your skin.

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