Monday, September 16, 2019

2019 QB Status Tracker

We’re only two weeks into the season, and it would seem the quarterback position has been cursed. Don’t believe me? Think it’s just an injury-prone league? Sam Darnold has Mono, and THEN his backup got injured in his first start. Nick Foles got a plumb starting gig, injured week 1. Steelers and Saints lost Future Hall of Fame starters. Fitzmagic looks like he’s about to get shipped out of town, and Mini Manning is 100% going to lose his starting job. So glad I’m not doing fantasy this year. Can thirty-two separate catastrophes befall 32 different players on 32 different teams? Only time will tell, and I’ll update this as it happens.

To clarify, this list is any incident that results in a quarterback not starting a game, even if they end up coming back.

Andrew Luck (retired)
Nick Foles (injury)
Sam Darnold (Mono)
Ben Roethlisberger (injury)
Josh Allen
Tom Brady
Derek Carr
Andy Dalton
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Joe Flacco
Lamar Jackson
Patrick Mahomes
Marcus Mariota
Baker Mayfield
Philip Rivers
DeShaun Watson
Drew Brees (injury)
Eli Manning (benched)
Kirk Cousins
Jimmy Garoppolo
Jared Goff
Case Keenum
Kyler Murray
Cam Newton
Dak Prescott
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ryan
Matt Stafford
Mitch Trubisky
Carson Wentz
Russell Wilson
Jameis Winston


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Unexplained List: Goat

11) XXXI
10) XLVI
8) XX
7) LII
3) LI
11) 1985
10) 1996
9) 2001
8) 2018
7) 2011
6) 2003
5) 2017
4) 2014
3) 2016
2) 2004
1) 2007

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Unexplained List: Losers

10) 1969 Vikings
9) 1978 Cowboys
8) 1983 Washington
7) 2004 Eagles
6) 1990 Bills
5) 2014 Seahawks
4) 1984 Dolphins
3) 2001 Rams
2) 1968 Colts
1) 2007 Patriots

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

2020 Candidates In Brief

The Real Candidates

Elizabeth Warren, Senator-MA: The clear best choice for now. She has a plan for everything. She has ideas, but against this incumbent, will her low-key demeanor be a plus or a minus? Will people see her and her ideas and see a leader, or just a collection of great policies?

Kamala Harris, Senator-CA: It's impossible to watch her in those Senate hearings and not imagine her tearing down the president. She's a smart rising star, a party favorite with broad appeal. Against this field, though, I find myself wondering what she stands for and how she's going to reach out more to progressives.

Julian Castro, Former HUD Secretary-TX: He’s not all that exciting, but he’s young, compassionate, and you better believe he’s going to clean up the atrocities at the Mexican border. And he might actually put Texas in play.

John Hickenlooper, Former Governor-CO: A boring moderate, but he’s worth a look. He’s a consensus builder, and the only major candidate with real executive experience.
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Explained List: GoT Final Death Ranking

I know I said I wasn't going to re-order the list, but now I feel like I need to just to get all my thoughts together. Throw subtlety out the door, the last episode is now clearly Team Jon vs. Team Dany. Frankly, I don't want either of them to win, but I definitely don't want either of them to die. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is now on the chopping block. If Varys can die, I don't even know what the end of the show looks like.

1. Bran Stark
The question now is why the fuck is Bran still alive? What's even his purpose? He's #1 no longer because I think he's the most likely to die but because he's the one I want to die the most. UPDATE: fuck Bran... but I guess Tyrion is basically king now, so that's... good? Give it up for the rich white guy who spent eight years doing literally NOTHING. They never get anything.

2. Bronn
There is no way he gets Highgarden. Start his death clock. I really should have put him #1, but fuck Bran. Fuck Bran and his stupid, non-specific powers. Bran better have something major up his sleeve because fuck. UPDATE: Wrong again, I guess. Always liked Bronn, so whatever.

3. Daenerys Targaryen
Is anyone still on Team Dany? There is no way she survives now. Any chance of being part of the final power structure is now out the window. And she's been very clear that she's not going to stand by with someone else in charge. Jon Snow is gonna warg Drogon and without a dragon, she has no one to protect her.

4. Grey Worm
For a warrior with only one thing to lose, the most tragic ending would be for him to survive, but his love not to. Grey Worm arriving in Naath with Missandei's remains would maybe be too satisfying of an ending for this show. Alas, Dany's last remaining ally will have to go when she does. But he's going to go out like a bad ass. UPDATE: They went for the satisfying ending. I shouldn't have questioned myself...

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Explained List: GoT Death Ranking- Post Winterfell

Overall, I didn't do half bad in my predictions. Of my top 10, I thought seven would die at Winterfell. I was right about 5. I should have known they were just manipulating us, like they were with Arya. The fact remains, Missandei talked about her happy ending, so I don't think she'll have it. But when I'm wrong, I'll say I'm wrong. I did not think they'd kill off Lyanna, and I did not think Melisandre would even come back. Five out of seven ain't bad.

Again, pretty certain everyone after Jon Snow is going to live. UPDATE: I’m not going to re-order the list, but I will add thoughts at the end of each week.

1. Gregor Clegane
Without a doubt, this show cannot end until the Hound kills the Mountain. Someone else killed him the first time, so he was brought back with the sole purpose of living long enough for his brother to kill him.

2. Euron Greyjoy
A smug villain we didn’t meet until late into the show. Dead.

3. Missandei
With each passing day, I'm more and more convinced the tragedy will be Grey Worm living to the end to return to Naath to mourn Missandei.

4. Cersei Lannister
With 5 of the top 10 dead and one upgraded to likely to live, the clear new Big Bad cracks the top 5. Either Jaime or Arya does it. Neither character feels fulfilled as long as Cersei lives.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Explained List: Game of Thrones Death Ranking

With the chess pieces now in place for the first big battle of the final season, it’s time to rank all remaining characters by how likely they are to die. I’ll go back and cross them off as they go. If I’m right, everyone below Jon Snow will be alive.

1. Gregor Clegane
Without a doubt, this show cannot end until the Hound kills the Mountain. Someone else killed him the first time, so he was brought back with the sole purpose of living long enough for his brother to kill him.

2. Euron Greyjoy
A smug villain we didn’t meet until late into the show. Dead.

3. The Night King
An undead creature that will not stop until man is forgotten from history. How can we call the story complete until he’s dead?

4. Theon Greyjoy
No one has fallen further and done more to redeem himself. He has no hope of a happy life, so a noble death failing to defend Bran is a fitting end.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Unexplained List: Nervous Breakdown

70) Bran Stark
69) Edmure Tully
68) Tommen Baratheon
67) Kevan Lannister
66) Loras Tyrell
65) Osha
64) Grand Maester Pycelle
63) Lysa Arryn
62) Shireen Baratheon
61) Craster
60) Gregor Clegane
59) Septa Unella
58) Meera Reed
57) Hot Pie
56) Aemon Targaryen
55) Daario Naharis
54) Jojen Reed
35) Grey Worm
34) Robert Baratheon
33) Ellaria Sand
32) Sansa Stark
31) Stannis Baratheon
30) Missandei
29) High Sparrow
28) Jorah Mormont
27) Syrio Forel
26) Hodor
25) Viserys Targaryen
24) Yara Greyjoy
23) Jeor Mormont
22) Ygritte
21) Robin Arryn
20) Theon Greyjoy
19) Podrick Payne

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Unexplained List: L, D, R

18) Sucker of Souls
17) Fish Night
16) The Dump
15) The Secret War
14) Beyond the Aquila Rift
13) Shape-Shifters
12) The Witness
11) Alternate Histories
10) Blindspot
9) Suits
8) Ice Age
7) Sonnie’s Edge
6) Three Robots
5) Lucky 13
4) Zima Blue
3) Helping Hand
2) When the Yogurt Took Over
1) Good Hunting

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Unexplained List: No GoT

10) Garlan & Willis Tyrell
9) Dick Crabb
8) Mya Stone
7) Septa Lemore
6) Wyman Manderly
5) Val
4) Dareon
3) Arys Oakheart
2) Arianne Martell
1) Quentyn Martell

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