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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love Supporting Actors: Illeana Douglas

You know, this gal:
Notable Roles:

Rosie - "Goodfellas"

Alyssa's Roommate - "Chasing Amy"

Roberta Allwsorth - "Ghost World"

Herself - "Easy to Assemble"

Why She's Awesome:

A rumor flies around that she's been deleted from more movies she's been in. Cutting her teeth in Scorsese films, she went on to rule the indie scene. Evolving into directing and producing, she'll work forever, even if her work doesn't always end up on screen. Whenever I see her, I always want to remember her, but I somehow never do.

Even when the indie world won't pay the bills, she forges forward into the wonderful world of internet series. Will the internet save her career? I don't know, but if it does, I'm sure we'll be the last to find out.

You'd Be Surprised to Learn:

She appears in a pre-attraction video at Walt Disney World.

Check out her imdb page.

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