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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nintendo Replayed: Double Dragon 2

[originally written for on 3/18/08]

I grew up with this guy named John-Michael. He read every comic book, beat every video game, and saw every horror movie we weren't supposed to see at that age. My proudest moment was when I said I had beaten Double Dragon 2, and he told me he hadn't. A better friend would have revealed my secret to beating the game, but I didn't.

Playing it again now, I still kick this game's ass. In fact, I believe myself to be the greatest Double Dragon 2 player of all time. You doubt? I challenge you to a game on 2 Player B. I will kick your ass and take your lives. That's right. My secret is I kill my own brother and take his lives. You'd be amazed how easy the game is with 6 lives. And no, I don't consider this cheating. I discovered this on my own, without the aid of the internet, or even Nintendo Power magazine. Suck it.

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