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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Would?" Is the Best Song Ever Recorded, Period

 [originally written for on 10/3/07]

 Listen: "Would?" (unplugged) - Alice in Chains

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it, and unlike most other songs that stick with you, this one never got old or stale. Would? grows with me. It’s simple, straight-forward, and it comes with a great story.

Arguably, the death of Seattle musician Andy Wood set in motion all the angst that became grunge music. At the time of his death, Wood’s band Mother Love Bone was poised to be the band to rival Guns ‘N Roses. Andy’s close circle of friends includes Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, and countless other Seattle musicians. Get it? Andy Wood. The song’s called “Would?” Jerry Cantrell took all that mournful anger and piled it into the perfect rock song. The same could be said for a few Soundgarden and Mudhoney songs, but none measure up to Would?

Anyone who has ever made a “favorite songs” list knows that over time you usually rotate songs in and out. Would? has been my favorite song consistently for ten years. If I can get one of you to love this song, I’ll consider it all in a day’s work.

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