This Is a Blog: Nintendo Replayed: Super Mario Brothers 3

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nintendo Replayed: Super Mario Brothers 3

[originally written for on 2/19/08]

Nintendo Replayed: Will my old Nintendo games hold up when I play them as an adult?

It's amazing what an adult perspective can bring to these games. The true joy of Super Mario Brothers 3 isn't the superior level design, the vibrant colors, the sweet music, the superb boss battles, the twisting storyline, or even that fucking awesome hammer brothers suit. No, above all else, the joy of Mario 3 at its most base level is the secrets. Every level hides something waiting to be discovered. It's a Raymond Chandler mystery, full of power ups in unexpected places and coins in quantities you can't even imagine. Even better than that, I know where every last one of them are, and that makes me waaaaaaay smarter than you!

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