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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Love Supporting Actors: John Heard

You know, this guy:
Notable Roles:

Paul - "Big"

Peter McCallister - "Home Alone" 1 & 2

Vice President Ted Matthews - "My Fellow Americans"

Dave Childress - "1-8-7"

Why He's Awesome:

Casting directors, two questions.

1) Are you trying to fill a role in a comedic film or TV show?

2) Is the character a gigantic, raging dickhead?

If so, I'm going to make your life easier. Just cast John Heard. The guy can play jealous, childish dickhead. He can play neglectful father dickhead. He was amazing as a too dumb to function dickhead. Even though most people don't remember him, he was quite good as a teacher who fucks students dickhead. Despite all his clear dickishness, he's always hilarious (ok, maybe not so much in "1-8-7"). It's as though that cliche "you love to hate him" was written specifically for John Heard. He will always get his comeuppance, and you will love every minute of it.

As long as film and TV writers keep writing lovable dicks, John Heard will work.

You'd Be Surprised to Learn:

He was on that short lived Geico spin-off sitcom "Caveman" and he used to be married to Margot Kidder.

Check out his imdb page.

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