Saturday, September 11, 2021

75 Actors Who Were on "Star Trek" and "MacGyver"

If you don't have cable, you might spend a lot of time watching H&I. If you watch H&I, you know they show a lot of MacGyver and a lot of Star Trek. You watch enough MacGyver, and you recognize a lot of actors. And if you're like me, once you realize they're mostly from Star Trek, you won't stop until you compile a comprehensive list of those actors. Of course, then you'll realize there isn't an easy way to cross check five different series (I only did TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT), so you have to compare the two lists manually, name by name.

(yes, I am aware many of these actors played multiple roles. I'll sift through a thousand names, but I'm still lazy)

MacGyver Recurring Characters

Bruce McGill - Captain Braxton / Jack Dalton (MacGyver's BFF)

Teri Hatcher - Lt. Robinson / Penny Parker (MacGyver's love interest)

John Anderson - Kevin Uxbridge / Harry Jackson (MacGyver's Grandpa)

Trek Heavy Hitters

George Takei - Sulu

James Doohan - Scotty

Nana Visitor - Kira Nerys

Colm Meaney - Chief O'Brien

John de Lancie - Q

Robert O'Reilly - Gowron

Tony Todd - Kurn

Robin Curtis - Saavik

Yes, These Were All on MacGyver Too

Salome Jens - Female Changeling
Gwynyth Walsh - B'Etor
Anthony De Longis - Maje Culluh
Daniel Davis - Moriarty
Gregory Itzin - Sopek
James Sloyan - Admiral Jarok
Beth Toussaint - Ishara Yar
Tricia O'Neil - Captain Garrett
Marta DuBois - Ardra
Kevin Conway - Kahless

The rest are alphabetical by first name.

Alan Scarfe A few Romulans
Benjamin Lum Engineer Shimoda
Betty McGuire Vanya
Brenda Strong Rashella
Brian J. Williams Stunts
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Q's Bailiff
Christopher Neame Unferth
Cliff Potts Admiral Kennelly
Clive Revill Sir Guy of Gisbourne
Clyde Kusatsu Admiral Nakamura
Conrad Hurtt Colonist
Constance Towers Taxco
Deborah Van Valkenburgh Detective Preston
Don McManus Zio
Ed Trotta Pit
Ellen Bry Dr Farallon
Gregory Sierra Entek
Henry Gibson Nilva
Henry Kingi Stunts
James Ingersoll Risian Man
James Saito Nogami
Jeff Kober Iko / Traeg
Joe Murphy Stunts
Joey Aresco Brull
John Mahon Admiral Gardner
Judy Geeson Sandrine
Kaj-Erik Eriksen Augment Udar
Lance LeGault Captain K'Temoc
Lawrence Dobkin Kell
Leslie Bevis Rionoj
Lisa Wilcox Yuta
Marco Rodríguez Captain Rice / Glinn Telle
Mark Holton Bolian orderly
Marshall R. Teague Temo'Zuma / Haluk
Michael Cassidy Stunts
Michael Cavanaugh Captain DeSoto
Michael Champion Boratus
Michael Corbett Dr. Rabal
Michael Ensign Minister Krola
Michael Fairman Bajoran vendor
Ned Romero Krell
Nehemiah Persoff Palor Toff
Olaf Pooley Cleric
Peter Vogt Various
Ray Young Morka
Robert Ito Chang & John Kim
Robert Pine Ambassador Liria
Stanley Kamel Kosinski
Steve Blalock Stunts
Tim Dang
Tactical Officer
Todd Jeffries Hirogen
Vincent Schiavelli Minosian peddler
William Frankfather Changeling
William Morgan Sheppard Dr. Ira Graves

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