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Friday, November 27, 2020

Ten Things You Still Somehow Don’t Know About “Elf”

With the end of Thanksgiving, it’s officially time for the Christmas Season to begin. That means it’s also time for really well researched articles that deep dive and mine for details about the movie “Elf” that you have totally never read before. Let me save you the effort of those totally not at all clickbait articles and give you the ten essential details about the movie “Elf” there is no possible way you knew before now.

  1. The title of the movie is Elf, like the workers in Santa’s workshop.

  2. Even though Buddy believes he’s an elf, he is the size of a human being.

  3. It stars Will Ferrell, James Caan, and Zoey Deschanel, who you might remember from Night at the Roxbury, The Way of the Gun, and that one Cotton commercial.

  4. It was shot on film, or maybe video. I don’t know, I didn’t do any research.

  5. Even though it’s a Christmas movie, some people own it on DVD or Blu-Ray, so they can watch it any time of year.

  6. If you Google the word Elf, this movie is the first hit.

  7. Jovie works in a department store, which is unusually crowded because it’s Christmas time.

  8. Even though Ed Asner is an actor playing the real Santa Claus, Artie Lange is an actor playing a guy playing Santa Claus at Gimbels.

  9. Gimbels is the same department store Jovie works at.

  10. Elf is a movie


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