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Monday, February 8, 2021

Numbers Time: Ten GOAT

Let me get this out of the way, up front. After being a big fan and defender of Tom Brady for two decades, I am finally off the bandwagon. I find his support of Antonio Brown indefensible. It's clear Belichick was the moral center of the Patriots, and had he had this success on another team, Brady would have enabled far more monsters. That being said, his achievements on a pure numbers level are worth looking at in how absurdly high some of his stats are.

With 7 Super Bowl wins, Tom Brady has won more Super Bowls than any entire NFL team, more than any other player. Only Bill Belichick has more, 6 with the Patriots, 2 with the Giants. One administrator has 7, but who cares about that guy?

He has won more Super Bowls than the worst 18 Super Bowl teams, combined (including the four teams who have never even been to one)

He has won more Super Bowls than 3 entire divisions, the NFC North, AFC and NFC South. He ties the NFC West as a whole.

With 5 Super Bowl MVP titles, Brady has been MVP more than all but four entire franchises have even won (Patriots 6, Steelers 6, 49ers 5, Cowboys 5).

Five is also more than all but 10 franchises have even appeared.

Five is also the COMBINED wins for the AFC and NFC South.

With 10 Super Bowl appearances, Brady has been in more Super Bowls than the bottom 8 teams combined. 

Ten is also the combined total of the bottom 20 teams' Super Bowl wins.

Ten is more than the entire AFC or NFC South have been to the Super Bowl.

Only two divisions have combined to win more than 10 Super Bowls, and one of them is Brady's former division, the AFC East. The other one is the NFC East, with 21 combined appearances and 13 total wins.

Brady has thrown 421 passes in his 10 Super Bowls. Thats 266 more than #2, Peyton Manning. Manning, John Elway, and Jim Kelly, in 13 combined Super Bowls, threw 452.

Brady has completed 277 passes in 10 games. That's 174 more than #2, Peyton Manning. Manning, Joe Montana, and Kurt Warner, in 11 total games, combined for 269.

Brady has passed for 3,039 Super Bowl yards. That's 1,883 more than #2 Kurt Warner. Warner, Joe Montana, and John Elway, in 12 total games, passed for 3,426.

Brady has thrown 21 Super Bowl touchdown passes. That's 10 more than #2 Joe Montana. That's 12 more than #3 Terry Bradshaw. In case you didn't just do that math in your head, that's more than Montana and Bradshaw combined.

Fifteen times, receivers have caught 10 or more passes in a single Super Bowl. Brady was the one throwing in six of them, including the top one, James White with 14 in Super Bowl LI.

In career Super Bowl receptions, 6 of the top 10 receivers caught balls from Brady.

In career Super Bowl receiving yards, 5 of the top 10 caught balls from Brady.

Rob Gronkowski (a fucking Tight End) is #2 in Super Bowl receiving touchdowns, behind only the great Jerry Rice.


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