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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Explained List: Smells Like Quarantine

Being trapped inside means plenty of free time. For me, it means not enough external forces to stop me from obsessing over something really dumb.  This is the Top Ten Best Things About the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video, pretty much in chronological order. Why seven? I wanted GIFs for this thing, and GIFs on my blog play automatically, so I trimmed a bit to fit everything. Some of these are pretty big, so expect long load times to view them all. I also had to do that clickbait thing where there's multiple pages to view them all. You'll thank me when it doesn't freeze your computer.

#1) The Opening Shot

Everything you need to know right up front. Converse high tops tapping. Kids, boys and girls. Plaid. Stripper cheerleaders. Brown. And you can just feel it about to explode.

#2) The Crowd Shot

These aren't the kids you'd see in a hair metal video. Normal, poorly dressed, unkempt hair. And look at those kids, I'm almost entirely certain those two girls are dead. As you'll see, I've watched this video frame by frame in some places, and those girls disappear. Call their parents.

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