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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feeny Needs YOU to Need HIM

[originally written for on 8/16/07]

Mr. Feeny is a genius in the educational world. That’s a given, and if you didn’t know that, perhaps you need Mr. Fenny to teach you a lesson. Everyone needs a Mr. Feeny, but did you know Feeny needs you too?

He can’t just be there when you need him. He’s already there every single time you need any little thing, but if you don’t go to him, if you solve the problem yourself, he worries about you.

You don’t want Feeny to worry, do you? I can’t believe you can just sit there with all your problems and not go to Mr. Fenny. This is what the man lives for. Go get off your asses and find Mr. Feeny for help, or he’ll never get any damn sleep.

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