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Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the Love of God, Someone Make Silverchair Stop

[originally written for on 8/29/07]

Dear Music,

Hi. Me again. When I asked you to prevent Silverchair from continuing to make music, I did not mean let them release another album. Young Modern seems to me to be a new album. This clearly goes against what we discussed.

I guess you did do something. This new album has the added bonus of no longer sounding like Nirvana rip offs. This time they’ve ripped off Coldplay. Perhaps I was wrong in thinking musicians should have some level of integrity. Seriously, though, you should not have let this happen.

Follow me here. We all thought Daniel Johns was a Kurt Cobain wannabe, and that was fine. There were a lot of them back then. Now he’s a Chris Martin wannabe. He seems less like an imitator and more like a parody. Even worse, he’s parodying Coldplay, who aren’t all that cool anymore. Entertainment Weekly made their new album Pick of the Week. You can’t let this continue, music.

Please, don’t let me waste another $30 on a Silverchair album.

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