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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colonials at Locos: Comprehensive Highlights

I back dated this so this long list wouldn't take up space in the blog roll. Enjoy vicariously some UFL action

• The UFL on Versus theme is kind of epic

• Sideline interviews: Talking to Dede Dorsey after he scores his first touchdown, and Derek Walker after he runs his fat ass 85 yards

• Locos cheerleading squad is called "The Locomotion"

• Watching Locos starting quarter back Tim Rattay's season ending injury from last week. He tore his achilles tendon, not from a big hit, but from landing on his foot weirdly after a pass

• Finally figuring out why Josh McCown doesn't have a better passer rating. He can't stop throwing down field and failing

• During the commercial break, they blasted Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA."

• The turf at Sam Boyd Stadium is really old. They talked about all the ankle injuries, and even cut to them bandaging the guys. The other story here is all the falling, tripping, missed passes, and turnovers due to unsteady turf.

• After a solid hit, Locos pick up the ball and run it in for a touchdown. Play overturned when on review, they saw Hartford's Devree was clearly on his knees when he got hit. Play overturned, but they missed a flagrant face mask foul.

• Since they're playing Sacramento next week, Hartford's staying out west all week, including a few days in Vegas. I guess there's an advantage to having a franchise in Sin City

• Colonials go for it on 4th & Inches. Locos defense motions for the crowd to make some noise. The crowd is so small, it makes no difference.

• After the Colonials successfully pull off an onside kick, a loud fan screams out, "Put in the cheerleaders already."

• Gotta love being able to hear Jim Fassel tear into his guys for doing so poorly against such a shitty team.

• Locos Dede Dorsey breaks several tackles, including a one-on-one at the 3 yard line for his first touchdown this season. Still glowing from the score, they interview him on the sidelines.

• Guy in the stands is wearing a "Ruck Feno" t-shirt

• Right before the two minute warning, Colonials second QB Ryan Perrilloux misses the snap, and bobbles the ball all the way back to the 5 yard line

• 44 seconds left in the half, Locos deep in the red zone, Colonials get a huge hit on Locos QB Drew Willy. The ball comes loose. Colonials' Derek Walker runs the ball back 85 yards for a touchdown. The announcers call it the "longest" fumble return in pro football history, refer not to the yardage, but to the time it took Walter's fat Defensive End ass to run 85 yards. When they interview him on the sidelines, Walker's so winded, he doesn't think he can return to the game.

• After a Dorsey fumble, Colonials score an additional field goal. That's 10 points in the last minute of the half

• Vegas radio announcer Mitch Moss' call of the Dorsey touchdown, "Chugga chugga choo choo, Locos touchdown."

• Apparently at a Locos game, you could win a free Papa John's pizza, or a Papa John's t-shirt

• Isaiah Tuffant, brother of Marcus Truffant, is a turnover master, due to his 46" vertical leap

• The dry heat apparently was so tough on Colonials' defense, they started rotating players virtually every minute.

• In the third quarter, Drew Willy nails his first professional touchdown pass to Locos emotional leader, whatever that means, Adam Bergen, giving them the lead for the first time in the game.

• 21-13 with 1 minute to go, Colonials score a touchdown and nail the 2 point conversion to take us into the first ever UFL regular season overtime.

• In the UFL, overtime's not over until BOTH teams have possession, then it's sudden death.

• With 4 minutes left in overtime, Colonials kick into the wind and miss what could have been the game winning field goal.

• Only 17 seconds left in the game, Locos kick the game winning field goal

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