Tuesday, February 16, 2010

11 Most Annoying "24" Subplots...

... that aren't nearly as grating as this season's Dana Walsh's double-life subplot.


Some B plots move the story forward and add to the overall sense of constantly rising stakes and tension. Some B plots involve Dana Walsh and her inexplicable past that didn't prevent her from getting a high-level government security job but who also did such a bad job covering it up that her ex-con ex-boyfriend just sort of found her. In a show like 24, you have to fill time, and sometimes, that filler just make you want to cringe in disgust.

(1) Kim babysits for an adorable girl whose father ends up murdering his wife, whose body ends up in the car she takes from him, oh then the police find the body in the trunk and arrest her (season 2)

(2) CTU Director Driscoll can't run this operation because her daughter has some sort of after school special style Bi-polar Disorder (season 4)

(3) Teri gets amnesia (season 1)

(4) Cute blond guy whose family has money problems comes back from spring break with a bag of coke, and a deadly virus, and somehow I still don’t care. (season 3)

(5) Kim faces off with a cougar, yes, a cougar, and gets saved by Kevin Dillon, yes, Kevin Dillon, who locks her in his bomb shelter, yes, it was tedious. (season 2)

(6) Sherry Palmer returns to handle a delicate situation by killing a rich dude and convincing his girlfriend to just go with it (season 3)

(7) Lynn McGill spends way much time dealing with his druggy sister before she mugs him and takes his CTU ID badge (season 5)

(8) Genocidal Colonel Dubaku, a secret romantic, falls in love with a waitress, whose life is apparently more important than a massive plot to overthrow the U.S.government (season 7)

(9) Basically all of season 6 (bluetooth guy is Jack's brother, Audrey has PTSD, Ricky Schroder)

(10) Kim and Chloe babysitting Chase's baby is somehow more important than the terrorist plot going on outside. (season 3)

(11) Behrooz Araz: "But mo-o-o-o-o-om. I don't wanna be a terrorist" :-( (season 4)

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