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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great Scenes From Bad Movies: The Transporter

My first Transporter movie was Transporter 2. It's amazing. That movie is a bastion of ridiculousness. Jason Statham is white ninja. That guy rules. Before they could reach the heights of Transporter 2, they had to setup the character and all his back story, blah blah blah. It has some good action sequences, but overall, it tries too hard to be a real movie.

There is, however, one good scene.

I called it oil fight.

Statham's Frank Martin spends the whole movie fighting his way up a crime syndicate. Based on his moves, and a box some chick finds in his house full of character revealing information, he clearly knows how to handle himself in a fight. He's quick on his feet, and he knows how to use his environment to his advantage. Like I said, white ninja.

The zenith of Frank's amazingness is in some sort of workshop area. He's got to fend off a butt load of bad guys all by himself. To gain the advantage, he spills a bunch of oil on himself and the floor. Using the oil in every imaginable way, he slips out of their grip, makes them lose their footing, launches himself across the floor at them. It's fundamental scene work. Take one thing and use it in every way imaginable. Frank tops himself by taking apart a bike -- with his feet, of course -- and using the pedals, he gets a more solid footing on the oil.

This is why The Transporter movies are better than the Bourne movies. Jason Bourne takes out a dozen guys just because he's awesome for some reason. Frank has to earn every bit of kick ass. He earns it even more in Transporter 2 with "hose fight." It's like oil fight to the nth degree.

Check it out, oh, and also Crank 2, best movie of 2009.

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