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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great Scenes From Bad Movies: Eurotrip

Eurotrip is my holy grail of bad movies. It gets so close in so many places, but it never comes together. It has moments of near brilliance, like how they end up in eastern Europe with next to no money, only to discover that in the former Soviet block, a couple American dollars makes you a millionaire. Unfortunately, most of the jokes rely on broad European stereotypes and the movie never lives up to the obvious talent behind it.

There is, however, one good scene.

The movie opens with main character Scott's girlfriend Fionna dumping him right after he graduates high school. Oh yeah, then she tells him she's been cheating on him. Oh yeah, then after being treated to Scott getting zero sympathy from friends and family over his broken heart, he shows up to a sweet end of school party, where he finds out Matt Damon's the guy (or one of the guys) she's been screwing.

And here's the best part. Mr. Damon plays the singer of a sweet band, who treats the party to a rendition of Lustra's "Scotty Doesn't Know." He calls Fionna, played by the imminently fuckable Kristin Kreuk, up on stage and tells her the song is in celebration of their anniversary. That's right, not only is she cheating on him, they've been doing it for a year. She's the premier whore of their little town, and apparently Scott's the only one that doesn't know. Some select lyrics from "Scotty Doesn't Know:"

Scotty doesn't know,
That Fionna and me,
Do it in my van every Sunday.

She tells him shes in church,
But she doesn't go,
Still shes on her knees, and...

Scotty doesn't know, oh.

Damon belts out this little love ditty, while Fionna whores it up on stage, and poor Scotty's left to wallow all alone. This scene had me. I was convinced this was going to be the first good National Lampoon movie since Loaded Weapon 1. Like so many other National Lampoon movies, this one disappointed me. It's never again as funny as the opening, and despite flashes of awesome, it never again comes together.

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