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Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Fear for the Life of Eva Marie Saint

I'm not one to get crushes on actresses. Whenever someone asks, I usually say Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba just because they're safe answers. I have for a while now sort of had a crush on Eva Marie Saint, from On The Waterfront and North by Northwest. It's not like I dream of dating her or anything; she just turned 85. Back when everyone was playing all melodramatic, she was just honest, meek, and classy. She went toe-to-toe with Brando, and that's not an easy thing to do.

She was in On The Waterfront with the recently deceased Karl Malden. That movie's screenwriter, Budd Schulberg, just died and it got me thinking these thing do usually come in threes, so who's next? Normally, I wouldn't be so superstitious, but celebrities are dying left and right these days. In honor of Schulberg's death, NPR replayed an old interview with Saint, and while she relived the old days, I started wondering who the third one could be.

Brando? Dead. Lee J. Cobb? Dead. Rod Steiger? Dead. Elia Kazan? Dead. Martin Balsam? Dead. Fred Gwynne? Dead. Composer Leonard Bernstein? Dead. No one else in that movie matters, except Eva Marie Saint.

This started as a really horribly joke in my head, but now I am seriously freaked out Eva Marie Saint's going to die. And her last movie's going to be Superman Returns.



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