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Monday, December 29, 2008

An end to a Super Presidential Year

It's fitting that the last presidential birthday of the year should fall on none other than my birthday. In honor of my birthday, I bring you the last installment of my presidential birthday series. I hope it has opened your eyes and made you go, man, back in the day, presidents had some really weird names.

Here goes, last round:

Martin Van Buren: Van Buren was the first President born after 1776, therefore making him the first president born in the United States of America.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson: While President, Wilson ratified prohibition, ratified the amendment giving women the right to vote, held the first presidential press conference, took the country into WWI, helped form the League of Nations, and married Edith Bolling Galt. Impressive by any standards, but made more impressive by the fact that he never in his life held completed other political term.

Andrew Johnson: Abraham Lincoln was not actually the president who signed the 13th Amendment, making slavery officially illegal. It was Andrew Johnson. I'd call that a pretty good birthday mate.

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