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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

August Presidents: Seriously, what the fuck?

This may possibly be the most enlightening Presidential Fun Fact finding thus far. I want to direct your attention to President Harrison, for the other side of a well known piece of presidential trivia.

Herbert Clark Hoover: In 1964, Columbia University named Hoover and Thomas Edison the two greatest engineers in U.S. History.

William Jefferson Clinton: The first time he watched the movie "Independence Day" was alongside actor Bill Pullman. Said Pullman, "Oh, great. This is going to be like shooting baskets with Magic Johnson watching."

Benjamin Harrison: People know that Grover Cleveland won two non-consecutive terms, but most people don't know why. Benjamin Harrison was the guy in between Cleveland's two terms, and he lost because instead of campaigning, he took care of his dying wife. She died before the end of his term.

Lyndon Baines Johnson: At the age of fifteen, he left home to become a grape picker and car mechanic. To save taxpayer money, he used to walk around the White House at night turning off unneeded lights.

PS- Also discovered this go round, Grover Cleveland's real name is Stephen Grover Cleveland. You see, Mr. President, there's a reason people are ashamed of their middle names.

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