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Saturday, June 7, 2008

After reading, remember these men were President

Apparently Presidents born in April are eccentric, untrustworthy, wildly stupid, and likely to incur the wrath of over zealous New Englanders. This Saturday, it was eighty degrees and sunny at my apartment, then overcast and sixty at the beach. Being born in that kind of weather would probably fuck me up too.

Thomas Jefferson: Owned a pet parrot named Dick, whom he trained to sit on his shoulder during dinner and eat his food, and follow him up the stairs.

James Buchanan: At one time had the chance to buy Cuba for only $900,000, but Congress refused, thinking he would take the money and run.

Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant: Once owned a business trying to sell ice in San Francisco. it failed when the ice all melted in transit.

James Monroe: Came one vote shy of being re-elected unanimously. A delegate from New Hampshire felt only Washington should have the distinction of unanimous election.

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