Thursday, June 5, 2008

Them Crazy Veeps: The List So Far

UPDATE: I properly ranked Joe Biden at #8 after his term ended. This changed the entire numbering system. Due to formatting issues, I kept the numbers as they were in the individual posts, but this list now reflects the new numbering.

UPDATE 2020: Who knew Biden wasn't done? I certainly didn't. He didn't get elected as an incumbent, but #3 seems fair. And fucking up the pandemic gives Pence a boost up the bad list. Not Dick Cheney bad, but bad.

The Good Ones

1. George Herbert Walker Bush
2. Martin Van Buren
3. Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
4. Walter Mondale
5. Adlai Ewing Stevenson
6. Alben William Barkley
7. George Mifflin Dallas
8. John Adams
9. Albert Arnold Gore
10. John Calvin Coolidge
11. Garret Augustus Hobart
12. Gerald Rudolph Ford
13. Lyndon Baines Johnson
14. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller
15. Harry S Truman
16. James Schoolcraft Sherman
17. Hannibal Hamlin
18. William Almon Wheeler
19. John Nance Garner
20. Thomas Riley Marshall
21. Theodore Roosevelt
22. Hubert Horatio Humphrey
23. George Clinton
24. Charles Warren Fairbanks

The Bad Ones

1. Andrew Johnson
2. Millard Fillmore
3. Aaron Burr
4. John C. Breckinridge
5. Spiro Theodore Agnew
6. John C. Calhoun
7. Daniel D. Tompkins
8. Thomas Andrew Hendricks
9. William DeVane King
10. Richard Bruce Cheney
11. Richard Mentor Johnson
12. Michael Richard Pence
13. John Tyler
14. Charles Curtis
15. Schuyler Colfax
16. Henry Wilson
17. Richard Milhous Nixon
18. Thomas Jefferson
19. Charles Gates Dawes
20. Chester Alan Arthur
21. James Danforth Quayle
22. Elbridge Gerry
23. Henry Agard Wallace
24. Levi Parsons Morton

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