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Monday, January 1, 2024

Numbers Time: TV Scheduling At Its Finest


You'll notice all of these are AFC games. The AFC is pretty clearly set for the most part. Three of seven slots are firmly locked in place, and four teams are guaranteed a spot. The rest is housekeeping. On the NFC side, every game matters, and every division has some intrigue.


Baltimore clinched the #1 slot and the bye, so the Steelers are hoping they sit their starters. Pittsburgh NEEDS to win to even have a chance at making the playoffs.

Great choice for a Saturday prime time game. The winner of this game definitely makes the playoffs, and the loser is definitely eliminated. But, the winner will have to tune in the next morning for...


With a win, the Jags swipe the AFC South from the previous night's winner. With a loss, the presumptive head of this division for the entire season could be knocked from the playoffs completely. But if others lose as well, they can still eke in a spot.
Tampa just needs to win against the worst team in the NFL to lock up the division. If they somehow lose, the winner of Saints/Falcons takes it. The winner also has a shot at the Wild Card i the Buccs win. If we have a day of NFC upsets, Tampa could still snake the final playoff spot with a loss.

After the Packers win last night, they're in a great position to make it, win or lose. Minnesota needs to win to even have a shot. Most shocking, though, is the Detroit Lions have a shot at the #2 spot with a win. Let me repeat. The DETROIT LIONS could be the 2nd best team in the NFC. The Lions! But that will depend on...

Cowboys and Eagles are definitely in, so it's just about position. Cowboys win and get the division and #2. They lose and Philly wins, Eagles get the same. If BOTH lose and Detroit wins, Cowboys win the division, but, once again, the fucking LIONS get #2.

Niners clinched #1 and Cards are out. Rams clinched a spot, so they're just playing for spot 6 or 7. Seahawks, though, absolutely need a win to even have a shot at taking that last playoff spot.


This game absolutely deserves to be prime time game of the week. They’re both playing to win the division absolutely owned by the Patriots for two decades. Stakes are a bit lower for Miami as they’ve clinched, but if PIT wins on Saturday, BUF needs to win just to survive.

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