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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Research, Shut the Fuck Up, Vote

According to Eli Attie, former Al Gore speech writer and The West Wing writer,

"...Democrats generally come from a more iconoclastic, less monolithic tradition. On one I hand, I find it frustrating, and it's why we tend to get less done. On the other hand, liberals believe in independent thought, which also means we believe in Thought. It's why we think climate change is real because scientists, you know, have done science."

I've been saying a far less articulate version of this since Obama's healthcare plans got watered down to the ACA. Republicans say "no" and all get in line. But Democrats are all about "yes," but once you say "yes," the question is, "Whose 'yes' are we going to prioritize?" It's why the left right now is fractured to the point of Civil War. We're still stuck in an ideological war over 2016, instead of moving on from it. I'm guilty of it too.

One side says going further left will energize voters. The other side says going too far left will alienate swing votes. Guess what? If you're reading this, you don't fucking know which is true. (unless you happen to have an advanced degree in Political Science, in which case, why the fuck are you reading this? Unless you're Graham. I know why Graham is reading this. Hi, Graham.)

We all need to stop focusing on the big picture and start focusing on ourselves. Not one of us is qualified to judge the big picture, and by saying we do, we're ignoring what matters most. Which candidate do YOU support? Not because they have the best chance of winning but because they represent you, and your values, and your policy preferences, and your vision for what this country should be.

There are currently 15 Democratic candidates, and the front runners are barely hitting 30%. That means 70% of Democrats are going to have to get used to the idea that they're going to vote in the general for a candidate they didn't prefer in the primary. And guess what? That doesn't mean you're "voting for the lesser of two evils." Grow the fuck up. There has never, in the history of this country, been a candidate running for President who wasn't an abject piece of shit (okay, maybe Alton Parker, but he never had a chance to win). The closest we've been in our lifetimes to a candidate we could believe in was Barack Obama, and if we're going to be honest with ourselves, he's just another politician too. To a hell of a lot of people, even he was the "lesser of two evils." It's a childish concept that imagines a world where an Aaron Sorkin character could realistically be president.

Do I think Joe Biden would make a good president? No. Do I think him being elected would collapse this country and wreck everyone's lives? Absolutely not. Absolute worst, Biden will be a not memorable president. Is that really so bad?

Right now, in the primaries, it's a time for hope. We can imagine that whatever candidate we want to win will change the course of this country forever. Think big. Dream big. But make sure you're looking at the entire field from a place of progress and hope, not petty factionalism. You think Bernie is the country's only hope? Great. You think if he loses, the country is doomed? Fuck you. You think if Bernie wins, he has no chance of winning the general because he's too far left? Fuck you, too.

Right now, pull out a sheet of paper or a document on your phone, or whatever, and make a pros and cons list of all 15 candidates. ALL OF THEM, even Marianne Williamson and John Delaney. And don't put on the list anything about electability or defeating the incumbent. Make it personal. What do you value in a candidate, and how would that candidate achieve that goal better than the current president?

Democrats will never get in lock step. It's not in our nature. This idea that we need to unite is a pipe dream. If you think Medicare for All is the only way to fix healthcare, you'll never find common ground with someone who doesn't want the government running healthcare. But, you're both voting for a Democrat, so who fucking cares?

I know this is a big ask in 2019, and I'm sure it will get worse in 2020, but can we all just stop pretending we're better than people who disagree with us? I'm guilty of this too, and I'm trying to check myself. I know it can feel like you're not doing anything if you're not engaging, not trying to change people's minds. If that's how you feel, contact a political action group and take canvassing training because I guarantee yelling at people on social media will not only not change anyone's mind, it will make them dig in their heels against you.

My advice to everyone is to just focus on yourself. Research the candidates, filter out the noise, make your decision and vote for the Democrat you think best aligns with you. Then, as the election results roll in, remember, every other candidate is on your team, even the ones you hate. Then, most importantly, Vote Blue in November. 

In the mean time, anything you say or do that makes it harder for you or anyone else to Vote Blue doesn't fucking help. Just shut the fuck up.

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