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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Explained List: GoT Death Ranking- Post Winterfell

Overall, I didn't do half bad in my predictions. Of my top 10, I thought seven would die at Winterfell. I was right about 5. I should have known they were just manipulating us, like they were with Arya. The fact remains, Missandei talked about her happy ending, so I don't think she'll have it. But when I'm wrong, I'll say I'm wrong. I did not think they'd kill off Lyanna, and I did not think Melisandre would even come back. Five out of seven ain't bad.

Again, pretty certain everyone after Jon Snow is going to live. UPDATE: I’m not going to re-order the list, but I will add thoughts at the end of each week.

1. Gregor Clegane
Without a doubt, this show cannot end until the Hound kills the Mountain. Someone else killed him the first time, so he was brought back with the sole purpose of living long enough for his brother to kill him.

2. Euron Greyjoy
A smug villain we didn’t meet until late into the show. Dead.

3. Missandei
With each passing day, I'm more and more convinced the tragedy will be Grey Worm living to the end to return to Naath to mourn Missandei.

4. Cersei Lannister
With 5 of the top 10 dead and one upgraded to likely to live, the clear new Big Bad cracks the top 5. Either Jaime or Arya does it. Neither character feels fulfilled as long as Cersei lives.

5. Bran Stark
The question of Bran’s death is actually, “Has Bran served his purpose?” As the major source of useful information, story logic says it’s his time to die. But with his purpose so unclear, maybe he lives. So... has Bran served his purpose? Until we know what the next step really is, hard to say Bran isn't on the chopping block. UPDATE: why the fuck is Bran still alive???

6. Brienne of Tarth
In her life, Brienne has wanted two things: to be a Knight and wed Renly Baratheon. Renly’s dead (also gay), and she’s now a knight. Death would be her most fitting end. UPDATE: So, what's next for her character? Dying at Winterfell would have been big for her. Something better is coming for her. Does she die defending Jaime? How does she not die? UPDATE: she seems safer with each passing episode, but only because the show now seems unclear on what to do with her. UPDATE: Okay, now I want to live as revenge on the writers for handling her so poorly.

7. Bronn
If he dies, does he die betraying Tyrion and Jaime or not? Either way, I see no satisfying reason for him to live. UPDATE: there is no way he gets Highgarden. Start his death clock.

8. Jaime Lannister
Which is more satisfying? Cersei finding out Jaime died defending Winterfell? Or Jaime living long enough to kill Cersei, only to be killed by the Mountain? Or, follow me here, he does something so heroic it finally supplants his "Kingslayer" reputation and he gets to live with a new nickname.

9. Sandor Clegane
He definitely kills his brother, but that didn’t work out so well for the last guy who killed him. I don’t see anything overly satisfying about his death, so I think he may be safe, weirdly.

10. Jon Snow / 11. Daenerys Targaryen / 12. Tyrion Lannister
Yes, even on a show where the main character died at the end of season 1, I think these three are safe. The question of who sits on the Iron Throne will ultimately come down to how these three decide to rule. They are by far the most important characters, and whatever world is left at the end is for these three to enjoy. Jon, however, is most likely of the three to die, as his death would destroy the last bastion of honor from the world. Tyrion is the least likely, as there is no fucking reason for him to die. UPDATE: I laugh at all your nonsense Night Queen theories. She may still break bad, but it ain't gonna be as an ice zombie.

13. Arya Stark
Come on, no one really thought she was going to die. It was a brilliant piece of storytelling to focus on her life, so no one was asking why it was so important she die. But is she mature enough to handle her new role in life as the girl who killed the Night King. Will it go to her head? Is she going to kill Cersei at the worst possible moment? UPDATE: So much for one of my longest standing theories. Oh well.

14. Grey Worm
Like, I said above, for a warrior with only one thing to lose, the most tragic ending would be for him to survive, but his love not to.

15. Gendry (UPDATE: Baratheon)
The show begins with Robert trying to ally their houses. He thinks the way to do it is to marry his oldest son to the favored Stark. He’s wrong. The way to do it is to marry his real son to the even better Stark. Arya and Gendry will marry, but they won’t have children. She will never settle down. Maybe they’ll go on grand adventures together. UPDATE: the door isn’t closed on their marriage, but if he’s going to be a Lord, he’s going to have to move on.

16. Davos Seaworth
Why? Why the fuck would Davos die? I can’t. The man must live. I don’t have a reason. He’s just not going to die.

17. Tormund Giantsbane
Easily the saddest possible death this high on the list. He’s too mighty not to die. But, ugh, he’s so damned likable. Maybe he’ll live and have to fit in at King’s Landing. There is literally no reason for Tormund to go south. He barely gives a shit what happens as far south as Winterfell, let alone on the Iron Throne. If the battle is at King's Landing, he's going to stay behind for it. He had one satisfying death, at Winterfell. He survived, and he'll live long enough to mourn Brienne while taking his new place at the head of the Freefolk. UPDATE: Unless there’s some grand theory about a second Night King, I’d say Tormund is now on Gendry’s Boat.

18. Samwell Tarly
Maybe he’ll die defending the crypt from Stark zombies, but I doubt it. Sam’s not the dyin’ type. UPDATE: Didn't think he had it in him, not just fighting this battle, but surviving it. No reason for him to die now, except maybe defending Gilly. But from what?

19. Podrick Payne
Pod has to live to carry on the legacy of his mentor. Maybe he will grow into Tyrion’s protector. I don’t know, but I think Pod is safe. UPDATE: Go fucking Pod! Kickass!

20. Qyburn
Maybe the only villain who will survive. Qyburn is a survivor. He’ll slink off while Cersei pays for his crimes.

21. Sansa Stark
I’m probably shooting myself in the foot being so certain she’ll live, but here it is. Sansa Stark, wife to the Hand of the King, Warden of the North.

22. Gilly / 23. Baby Sam
What is the point of anything if Baby Sam dies? Maybe Gilly dies protecting him, but I doubt it. UPDATE: Gilly and the baby are still alive, right? UPDATE: uh oh. Being pregnant on this show is never a good sign.

24. Varys
No one survives better than Varys. He will serve whoever ends up on the throne. He has to be there to witness how it all ends. He will be how we gauge how the ending ultimately feels. UPDATE: I stand by this. If revealing his reservations to Tyrion makes him vulnerable, he wouldn’t have done it. UPDATE: Fuck. This.

Gathered on Gendry’s Old Boat

Somewhere out there, the following characters currently still live. I think the show has pretty well established their stories are over, but who knows? We’ll see if they’re still around at the end.

Daario Naharis
Edmure Tully
Ellaria Sand
Jaqen H’ghar
Meera Reed
Robin Arryn
Yara Greyjoy

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