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Monday, September 16, 2019

2019 QB Status Tracker

We’re only two weeks into the season, and it would seem the quarterback position has been cursed. Don’t believe me? Think it’s just an injury-prone league? Sam Darnold has Mono, and THEN his backup got injured in his first start. Nick Foles got a plumb starting gig, injured week 1. Steelers and Saints lost Future Hall of Fame starters. Fitzmagic looks like he’s about to get shipped out of town, and Mini Manning is 100% going to lose his starting job. So glad I’m not doing fantasy this year. Can thirty-two separate catastrophes befall 32 different players on 32 different teams? Only time will tell, and I’ll update this as it happens.

To clarify, this list is any incident that results in a quarterback not starting a game, even if they end up coming back.

EDIT: It’s cheating a little to include starters sat week 17, but that’s still 18 QB’s. Insane.

Andrew Luck (retired)
Nick Foles (injury)
Sam Darnold (Mono)
Ben Roethlisberger (injury)
Ryan Fitzpatrick (benched)
Marcus Mariota (benched)
Patrick Mahomes (injury)
Joe Flacco (injury)
Andy Dalton (benched)
Lamar Jackson (too good)
Josh Allen
Tom Brady
Derek Carr
Baker Mayfield
Philip Rivers
DeShaun Watson
Drew Brees (injury)
Eli Manning (benched)
Cam Newton (injury)
Mitch Trubisky (injury)
Case Keenum (benched)
Matt Ryan (injury)
Matt Stafford (injury)
Kirk Cousins (week 17 sit)
Jimmy Garoppolo
Jared Goff
Kyler Murray
Dak Prescott
Aaron Rodgers
Carson Wentz
Russell Wilson
Jameis Winston



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