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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Numbers Time: Clusterfuck and/or Circle Jerk

So long Giants. It’s been nice dragging you for the last few weeks, but you have graduated from being abject losers to just plain sucking. Two wins in a row. Enjoy it while you can. Seasons like this are why I don’t swear Giants fans always bringing up those two Super Bowls (you know which two). They’re all Giants fans have. Let them have it.

My transitive property model no longer holds up. It’s now more like an irrational number of sports hierarchy. Having defeated the Cardinals, who apparently also play football, the Raiders climb to the top of the 2-8 pile. But they also lost to the Niners, making them also the bottom of the pile. So what? Now it’s Raiders > Cardinals > Niners > Raiders > Cardinals... and so on, to infinity.

Man, this series is a lot less fun without the Browns to shit on. Now, it’s like, great, the 2-8 Raiders, Cardinals, Niners, and Raiders, and Cardinals, and Niners are still in playoff contention. But of course they are. They’re only 3 games behind the #6 seeds. This is a season where the Bears, the Texans, and Washington are leading their divisions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Florida Tuskers blinked back into existence to win a playoff seed.

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