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Monday, October 22, 2018

Numbers Time: Yay, Colts

Indianapolis won their second game. Good for them. With an explosive offense like they have, you’d think they could win more than two, but sure. Yay. Go Indy. You’re only a half game worse than the Browns.

This is your weekly reminder the 1-5 Raiders and 1-6 Cardinals, 49ers, and Giants are still technically in playoff contention.

Not surprisingly, these four teams are in the bottom five in point differential. But none of them are as bad as the -94 net points put up by Buffalo. Let’s be clear. The Bills are, by all accounts, the worst team ever put together in the NFL. They have allowed 94 more points than they’ve scored, worse than the above four teams. They have scored a total of 81 points, less than half of points they’ve allowed. Yet, they’ve managed to win two games.

Look guys, winning two games is apparently not that hard. The Bills did it. You should be able to do it.

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