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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Numbers Time: What a Day It Has Been

The Dodgers lost their second World Series in two years, the Rams held off the Packers to remain undefeated, Los Angeles hosted five Home games in one day (Dodgers, Rams, Galaxy, Kings, and Clippers — poor Staples Center staff), Adam Vinatieri has scored more points than any other single football player, Rapey McWinston got benched, and I finally finished putting up all the Halloween decorations.

Also today, a football game for the ages. As is want to happen when two of the four worst teams in football play each other, yet another team in the bottom four ticked a second win. Scoring a combined 33 points, the Cardinals and 49ers put on a display that can only be described as football? In the end, the Cardinals managed a win, knocking them from this club of mediocrity. And yet in this world of hope and clickbait, the 1-6 Raiders and the 1-7 Giants and 49ers are still in playoff contention. Parity?

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