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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Harrison Tyler

This is Harrison Tyler. He was born in 1928 when his father, Lyon, was 75 years-old. Gross, right? Don’t judge Lyon too harshly. He comes by his creepy old dad vibe honestly. His father, John, was 63 years-old when he was born. Oh yeah, Lyon’s father and Harrison’s grandfather John was, for just under four years, president of the United States.

Okay, you may have heard about that. It’s pretty weird that a guy born in 1790 has a living grandson, especially when he supported the confederacy, I mean used to be president.

It seems like a cool homage for Lyon to name his son after William Henry Harrison, the guy who died so his dad could become president. But here’s the cool part. Harrison Tyler is also William Henry Harrison’s great-grandson.

Harrison’s son William is now in charge of the Tyler estate, Sherwood Forest. Next time you’re in Virginia, go say hi.



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