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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My BSG Addiction: Lists

In order to get over my addiction to "Battlestar Galactica," I'm going to talk the show to death until it's out of my system. What originally started as a one-off essay is too big for just one post. This is Part 11.

Best and Worst Everything Else

Best Single Moment in the Show: Galactica jumps into New Caprica's atmosphere, plummets to the ground, launches the vipers, then jumps away before it crashes. Bad. Fucking. Ass.

Worst Single Moment in the Show: Gaeta's "I'm sad because I lost my foot" song.

Saddest Death: Poor Billy

Funniest Death: One's "Frak!" before he puts a bullet in his head

Worst Prop: The Arrow of Apollo (does it have +5 accuracy?)

Best Call Sign: Crashdown. Runner-Up: Hot Dog

Most Useless Character: Dualla (also qualifies as most useless death)

Best Planet Name: The Algae Planet

Best Line Read: "Gaius..." (every time)

Best Mid-Series Cast Addition: Dean Stockwell as One

Poor Man's Kevin Spacey: Five

Most Boring Cylon: Dr. Number Four

Best Vision of Marriage: Two and Starbuck on New Caprica

Worst Vision of Marriage: The Tyrols (you punched me and I don't care, must be love)

Worst Idea Ever: Fat Lee

Best Roslin Moment: You'd think it'd be her ordering the base ship to fire on Galactica when she thinks Adama's dead, but no. It's that awkward run she does across Galactica. That weirdo burst of energy she has is the first wave of positive energy the shape had had since they discovered Earth.

Funniest Moment: Baltar and Caprica 6 realizing they've been having the same hallucinations

The Moment My Heart Dropped Out and Bounced on the Floor: Finding out Casey's not Starbuck's daughter

The Oft Mentioned Prophecy That Never Actually Happens: Kara Thrace Is the Harbinger of Death

Best Speech: Lee's speech at the end of Baltar's trial where he calls out the moral hypocrisy of the entire series. He lays out one-by-one every horrible thing every main character has done (blow up the Olympic Carrier, declare martial law, abandon the people on New Caprica, outlaw abortion, orchestrate suicide bombings) and how forgiving everyone has been.

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