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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Presidents Day: Shared No More

What a shit holiday. I'm coming right out there and saying it. Forty-two men have put aside their personal lives in service of our country. These men weren't one of a hundred senators or one of fifty governors. These men were the single, lone guy in charge of and responsible for everything that happened on their watch. In our infinite wisdom, we as a country have condensed all forty-three of their birthdays into a single holiday.

I say fuck that.

If you look at my calendar, you will see I have marked down the birthday of every single president, from George W. to George W. I intend to celebrate every single one, at least until I get bored with this. In honor of the seven presidents who have already had birthdays this year, I give you fun facts about each of them

Millard Fillmore: Refused an honorary degree from Oxford University, stating a person shoudln't accept a degree if he couldn't read.

Richard Milhouse Nixon: The first president to visit all 50 states.

William McKinley, Jr.: According to his doctors, had he been in better shape, he may have survived the assassin's bullet that killed him; however, he holds the record for presidential hand shaking: 2,500 per hour.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: His mother made him wear a dress until he was five years-old.

Ronald Wilson Reagan: Starred in "Bedtime for Bonzo" where he acted opposite a monkey.

William Henry Harrison: Gave the longest inaugural address in history, resulting in the shortest presidency in history. He died of pneumonia.

Abraham Lincoln: He chose to grow a beard because a little girl once told him it looked dignified. (thank you Jenni for that one)

These facts must all be true, I found them on the internet.

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