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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Electoral Fun Facts: Post-Election Edition

A funny thing happened when President Obama won re-election. He entered the all time top 10 electoral vote winners. Even more impressive, I've bolded those who achieved this in only two elections, so you can see by that measure, he's number 4. Yes, these numbers are skewed toward modern elections, but it's still pretty cool that he has more electoral votes than Cleveland, who ran three times.

1) Franklin Roosevelt: 1876 votes, 1932-1944

2) Richard Nixon: 1040 votes; 1960, 1968-1972

3) Ronald Reagan: 1015 votes, 1976-1984

4) Dwight Eisenhower: 899 votes, 1952-1956

5) Bill Clinton: 749 votes, 1992-1996

6) Woodrow Wilson: 712 votes, 1912-1916

7) Barack Obama: 697 votes, 2008-2012

8) Grover Cleveland: 664 votes, 1884-1892

9) George H. W. Bush: 594 votes, 1988-1992

10) William McKinley: 563 votes, 1896-1900

Other Fun Facts:

As of November 2012, 112 men have won at least one electoral vote, most of whom were actually on some sort of ballot.

Yes, Reagan received one vote in 1976 from a faithless elector, who just gave it to whomever the hell he wanted. Go electoral college!

#15 overall is William Jennings Bryan, who won 493 votes in three elections, the most by anyone who never won.

#16 overall is Lyndon Johnson, who won 486 votes, the most by anyone who ran just once.

In the biggest electoral landslide, FDR beat Alf Landon 523-8.

The most electoral votes won in a single election goes to Reagan with 525 votes.

Presidents John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, and Chester Arthur never received an electoral vote.

If you combine all the electoral won against FDR in four separate elections, you still have fewer votes than John Kerry won in 2004.



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