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Monday, November 15, 2010

Them Crazy Veeps, Coming Soon

Except for some fun and hilarious Photoshop jobs, I'm going to call "Elections in Brief" a failure. It wasn't fun to write, and above all else, that's what I want in these things. It's time to get back to what I love about writing these things:

1) An excuse to read about US History

2) Making fun of high powered dead people

3) Tossing some free knowledge at my friends.

4) Sarcasm

Starting early January, I'm going to rank all the Vice Presidents.I tried ranking them on the crazy scale, but some of them were actually quite good at their severely limited job. I tried job performance, but that was boring. Like all great political leaders, I made a compromise: 2 lists.

Beginning in the middle of the pack, with the ones who were borderline crazy or mostly competent, and working my way out, I'm going to end with the top of the line, Cadillac of Vice Presidents and the bottom of the barrel, makes you question democracy, sad excuse for people. Each month, I will bring you 2 good ones and 2 bad ones, color-coded for your easy understanding. So I can link to it later, here are my criteria

1) Ability to take over and lead in place of the president, including physical and mental health

2) Relationship to the president, including how well he supported the administration

3) How well he discharged the duties of the office. This accounts for changes in the office and who's responsible for those changes. The older ones are judged on how well they preside over the Senate, whereas newer ones are judged on their role in the executive branch.

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