This Is a Blog: Smells Like Quarantine, Part 4

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Smells Like Quarantine, Part 4

#7) The Video MVP, This Fucking Kid

For the longest time, I was obsessed with the kid in the black shirt who reaches in at the end to help Kurt smash the guitar. But after doing this, I found the true star of the video: this douche in the striped shirt (red arrow). This was actually going to be about the members of the band during the mosh pit ending (yellow arrow). Kurt and Krist were easy to find because of their distinctive outfits. Check out Kurt riding on Krist's shoulders. Or Krist peacing out of the pit for a moment. Or Krist helping the kid hanging from the basketball hoop.

But if Dave Grohl -- with his long dark hair, white t-shirt, and jean shorts -- is there too, damned if i can find him. I thought for a while he was the guy hanging from the basketball hoop, but it was this fucking guy in the striped shirt. Then the more I looked for Grohl, the more I just kept finding this jag. The director, Samuel Bayer, clearly fell in love with him in the dailies. For good reason too, this fucking kid went balls to the wall. He seems annoying as hell, and I bet people in the pit were actually trying to hurt him because he sucks. But damn if he isn't there for every moment of the chaos, and he gets right up in there with the band.


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