Sunday, November 26, 2017

Numbers Time: Mercy Rule

Almost a year to the day they were eliminated last year, the 0-11 Browns have finally, mercifully been eliminated from playoff contention. The 1-10 Niners and 2-9 Giants are also out, and with a dominant top half to the NFC, we can expect the Bears and probably Buccaneers to be out very soon. A lackluster AFC, though, prolongs the agony for the Broncos and Colts, whose net points are back below -100. But Jimmy G had a great game today, right?

UPDATE 12/3/17 - After handing the Niners their second win of the season, the 3-9 Bears are out.  But Jimmy G got his first win as San Francisco’s starter, so good for him. In the AFC, the 3-9 Colts and Broncos are still in contention. These are two VERY different conferences.

UPDATE 12/10/17 - In the week 14 massacre, we lost the 4-9 Bucs, 5-8 Washington, 3-10 Colts, and 4-9 Broncos, who beat the Jets, who are still in contention. The NFC is still so much more competitive, with the lone 5-8 team eliminated, while the AFC still strings along the 4-9 Texans. Speaking of the Texans, they just lost to the Niners, who seem to have found their franchise QB, a bit too late.

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