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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Numbers Time: Mercy Rule

Almost a year to the day they were eliminated last year, the 0-11 Browns have finally, mercifully been eliminated from playoff contention. The 1-10 Niners and 2-9 Giants are also out, and with a dominant top half to the NFC, we can expect the Bears and probably Buccaneers to be out very soon. A lackluster AFC, though, prolongs the agony for the Broncos and Colts, whose net points are back below -100. But Jimmy G had a great game today, right?

UPDATE 12/3/17 - After handing the Niners their second win of the season, the 3-9 Bears are out.  But Jimmy G got his first win as San Francisco’s starter, so good for him. In the AFC, the 3-9 Colts and Broncos are still in contention. These are two VERY different conferences.

UPDATE 12/10/17 - In the week 14 massacre, we lost the 4-9 Bucs, 5-8 Washington, 3-10 Colts, and 4-9 Broncos, who beat the Jets, who are still in contention. The NFC is still so much more competitive, with the lone 5-8 team eliminated, while the AFC still strings along the 4-9 Texans. Speaking of the Texans, they just lost to the Niners, who seem to have found their franchise QB, a bit too late.

UPDATE 12/16/17 - Texans (4-9) are out on a Saturday, before they had a chance to fight for their last gasp.

UPDATE 12/17/17 - With the elimination of the 6-8 Cardinals, 5-9 Jets, and 5-9 Bengals, there are now as many teams eliminated as will make the playoffs. Both conferences may have six teams eliminated, but the NFC is still a lot more competitive. The NFC has no 5-9 teams, while the AFC just eliminated two of their three. Three of the four NFC teams on the outside looking in are tied with the sixth seeded Falcons, while the AFC has three contenders and seven teams hanging on for dear life. Five of the six NFC teams have 10+ win records, while the fourth AFC division leader might not make the playoffs.

UPDATE 12/18/17 - At the end of a brutal weekend, the Falcons’ win knocks off the 7-7 Packers. This means you need an 8-6 record to still be alive in the NFC, while the AFC seems to think 6-8 is still good enough.

UPDATE 12/24/17 - Today was do or die for Miami, Detroit, and Dallas. And they all lost. Laters. Before they even get to play tomorrow, Oakland is out too. At least you need 8 wins to make the playoffs.

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