Monday, October 3, 2016

Designated Survivor: Zero Shits

This is my running list of things on Designated Survivor I could not give two shits about.

• Kiefer's son

• Who's calling Kiefer's son

• the fact that Kiefer's son is clearly dealing drugs (UPDATE: called it!) (UPDATE: friends got me to watch the pilot again and Kiefer's son explicitly is selling drugs at the rave. Somehow missed or forgot that. Shows how few shits I give.)

• Kiefer's daughter

• Any impacts the situation is having on Kiefer's daughter

• Kiefer's character's name

• Any story leading up to Kiefer's chief of staff being named

• The General trying to take over, despite already being won over

• Raves

• Maggie Q's missing guy

• Maggie Q's backstory

• Who bombed the Capitol

• Why whoever bombed the Capitol bombed the Capitol

• The FBI storyline before someone says, "Hey Kiefer, Maggie Q figured out who bombed the Capitol. Her missing guy probably had something to do with it, or like figured it out or something."

• The FBI storyline after that

• Any character names, really

• Whatever issues Kiefer is having balancing being President and being a dad, unless a kid gets kidnapped, or runs into a cougar

• The process of writing any speech we don't actually get to see Kiefer deliver

• The woman who is not going to be chief of staff has a boyfriend/fiancé

• Family dinner

• Any plot details introduced or twists suggested at in the last 30 seconds of an episode.

• A possible love story between the chief of staff and the not chief of staff.

• Maggie Q ignoring obvious leads for "character" reasons

• Room 105

• Mrs. Kiefer's wife's criminal former lover (EDIT: holy shit, Kiefer's son's real dad is in fucking jail. That is so batshit stupid, I'm in)



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