Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nintendo Replayed: Pinball

[originally written for on 1/29/08]

Nintendo Replayed: Will my old Nintendo games hold up when I play them as an adult?

I totally forgot this game's innate awesomeness. This ain't that lame Pinbot my neighbors had. This is good, old Nintendo style pinball. Where else can you get a royal flsuh, hatch chicken eggs, and help Mario save the princess, all in one place?

No joke. This pinball table had a secret level where Mario bounced the pinball around until he freed Princess Toadstool from her top-of-the-screen prison. In your face, pinball games in real life. Let's see you try to have secret levels. To be fair, I suck at arcade pinball, but video pinball, that's just about my speed. The only better pinball game is that space-themed pinball that came with Windows back in the day. You can't beat a game with a five million point combo.

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