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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UFL Update: Colonials Cooked

They haven't played a single game yet, and already this UFL season is about a million, billion times more exciting than last. This time in 2010, the UFL was full of hope and they added a franchise and relocated two. The league was abuzz with talks of expanding their little, 5-franchise organize to maybe 8, and expanding into markets that never dreamed of hosting professional football. Now, the league right back where it started, with just 4 teams. Not even the great Jerry Glanville could stop the league from taking down the Hartford Colonials, at least for this season.

All this comes on the heels of the league's sudden decision to push their risky mid-August season opener back into boring, old September. Having only scheduled the first two games -- Virginia at Omaha and Vegas at Sacramento -- we're left to guess where this season is headed. The ultimate goal is obviously avoiding an embarassing, Saturday-after-Thanksgiving Championship like last season, so maybe they will shorten the season back to six weeks. They're definitely going to play without byes, making for an intense several weeks.

Looks like the people of Virginia will have to wait even longer to watch a pro football game in the Old Dominion State. Those of them who get Vs. or HDNet or whatever deep cable station that carries these games should be treated to a couple of solid season openers. Virginia will have an opportunity to stick it to the corporate jerk who bailed on them to coach Omaha. Maybe something he learned on a company retreat to Cabo will help him carry the Nighthawks out of their embarrassing last place season end last year. I can only hope this season provides plenty of opportunities to make fun of Joe Moglia.

Over in Sacramento, the Molos, as they finally, douche-baggingly decided to call themselves, should be poised to establish themselves in this severely reduced field. Going into the home stretch last season, Sacramento looked like a team going nowhere. Starting with a painfully close win over the #1 Locomotives, though, the Lions climbed their way into third place, a complicated tie-breaker rule away from the Championship. As now the oldest surviving UFL franchise, two time Hambrecht Trophy winners, the Las Vegas Locos can seemingly coast through the next few weeks, just long enough for their best players to get drafted into the NFL.

The league has yet to even set the times of the season openers but they will be

9/15/11 - Virginia at Omaha

9/17/11 - Vegas at Sacramento

See you in September.


Florida Tuskers

Hartford Colonials

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